I joined as a boarder because of this water tank: Mutheu

Ndatani secondary school is located at Nguu area, Makueni county. Best known for its dryness, the region has over time fallen behind in development and consequently low living standards among the residents of the locality.

Students and teachers at Ndatani secondary school were no exception, access to water as a basic commodity was a big challenge.

In a bid to salvage the water situation at the school, ASDF in collaboration with The Water Project supported the construction of a water tank at the facility. It has been a transformation bringing back glory in a highly-marginalized area.

Nichodemus Mulili is a teacher at the school, he has witnessed the change of fortunes with regard to water access at the learning Centre.

“We used to get water from Kikuu river which is 4 Kilometers away, it was brought using donkeys at a cost of 20 shillings per 20 litre container. It was costly and inconvenient to us” says Mr Mulili.

The tank currently holds water, streamlining school operations as well as students getting enough water at school.

“We are getting fresh water in adequate supply for cooking, drinking and washing of school facilities, water availability has greatly aided in the creation of hand washing culture consequently improving hygiene and sanitation standards at school.

“Again, the number of boarding students has improved gradually due to steady water supply in school, students get enough water for washing and bathing” says Mr Mulili.

Ndunge Mativo is the sanitation secretary at the school, she says the benefits reaped from water availability in school are enormous.

“Now the boarding students are getting enough water for bathing and washing, above all there are hand washing stations where students wash hands after toilets and before meals. The sanitation and health standards here in school have improved leading to reduced levels of health risks” says Ndunge.

Mbatha Kioko, a second-year student talks of renewed joy of life at school.

“We never used to get enough water in school before this tank, meals used to be delayed too. Now there I plenty of water to wash our plates and drink after meals, again the classes are always clean creating a conducive learning environment” says Mbatha.

Naomi Mutheu, 15 is a true beneficiary of the tank in her pursuit of academic glory.

“I have been able to join as a boarder because of this water tank and the steady water supply, my parents were convinced by its availability and enrolled me for boarding. I now have enough time to work hard and enroll to the university” says Mutheu.


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