Kaasya village is found in Nguu region, Makueni county. The area is best known for its dryness and little rainfall received. People living in this area are faced with numerous challenges raging from water availability and access to important facilities.

Kwa Mbithi SHG is found in this village, members of the group are no different from other villagers in the wake of the many challenges facing their daily lives. But they have a reason to smile for once now water is available from within.

The group trough support from ASDF and Just a Drop was able to construct rock catchment tanks aimed at boosting water access. The tanks now hold water bringing joy to the community, a visit to the group members brought insights on how the project has shaped the lives of the beneficiaries.

Lydia Mutiso has been the group secretary, she opens up on her experiences in the post tank era.

“We used to get water from Kikuu River which took more than three hours as it involved waiting for long ques. The water was not safe for drinking as it was from scoop holes putting our health at risk of water related diseases.

“Now water is available from a stone throw distance, we are getting enough safe drinking water despite the low amounts of rainfall received in the region. Our cattle are no longer required to walk for long distances in search for water points as the tank solves that challenge” says Mrs Mutiso.

Water availability has come with renewed hopes on the lives of the community members with majority of them brainstorming for ideas on how best the water can be used to better the general life of the members.

“We will be selling water to community members at a cost of ksh 5 per twenty litre container. This will raise funds for the group and help bring financial stability” says Kavata Nthenge who hails from the village.

According to the group members, water availability has also come with other extended benefits as hygiene levels have been improved.

“From the wash trainings, most of us have learned the importance of washing our hands before meals and after visiting toilets. This is helping improve our hygiene and preventing exposure to disease causing germs” adds Mrs Mutiso.

Residents remain committed that the projects implemented will go down helping different generations to come as their durability and long term sustainability remains bright.

“We were told that these projects last even up to 100 years. I want my children and my children’s children to be proud that I was part of the group that worked on these projects as they fetch water here many years to come. I want to be remembered,”says Mrs Nthenge with a big smile.


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