Sand dam projects are our main intervention in soil and water conservation work.

The technology, which involves erecting structural walls across seasonal rivers for water harvesting has proved to be an outstanding local innovation which not only provides adequate water for domestic and livestock use, but also promotes food and nutrition security through small scale irrigation, helps recharge the natural aquifers and conserve soil erosion, resulting to environmental conservation and biodiversity recharge.

Through our sand dam projects, we have harvested millions of gallons of water which are used through out the year to quench thirst and promote development in our areas of intervention.

In order to sustainably implement the projects, the sand das are constructed through the request and partnership of organized local self help groups which must be registered .The group must also have active for not less than 6 months.

The self help group members must commit in will and writing to their in-kind contribution towards their sand dam project as well as a commitment to prudently oversee the construction and post implementation management of the project.

On her part, Africa Sand Dam Foundation provides the technical skills and personnel required to site, construct and post evaluate the project.


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