This project is implemented in both schools and communities through the self help groups we partner with.

The project seeks to foster good hygiene in the our area of implementation,with the sole purpose of fostering good health especially for children under 5 years(who are more prone to poor-hygiene related mortality), the rest of the school going children and community at large.

With every place we implement a water harvesting project, it is recommended that we value add the project with a training on sanitation.

Some of the training topics involve hand washing, hygienic food preparation and storage, general body and home hygiene as well as HUMAN WASTE disposal.

This last is especially important as it ensures that the water harvested is not contaminated with feacal meterials.

During the 2-3 day trainings, the treinees are also equipped with handy skills in soap and detergent making, which is expected to not only enhance household hygiene, but also present an opportunity of economic empowerment.


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