The problem

The fact that SE Kenya is among the most water scarce places in the continent, coupled with the cycles of drought and severe depletion of the available resources, access to clean water and sanitation facilities still remain a grave challenge for the local communities, majority of whom live under the poverty line.

These limitations have often resulted to a spur in the incidences of disease outbreaks especially among children below the age of 5.

What we are doing about it.

In order to counter the situation, Africa Sand Dam foundation is working with the local communities and primary and secondary school institutions to foster a cleaner, healthier, sanitation sensitive community through behavior-change oriented community-led advocacy.

How we do it.

As an organization, ASDF has been instrumental in facilitating practical training on health and sanitation among the se community.


Children’s Hygiene and Sanitation Training (CHAST) is an approach for promoting good hygiene behaviours among children. CHAST is based on the well-established Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) approach and uses a range of exercises to teach pupils and students on hygiene and sanitation. The CHAST concept is based on the Child-to-Child training concept, which believes that children have the ability to influence and learn from each other because of their many shared characteristic traits and behaviours. The CHAST objectives are always as below:

  • To demonstrate the relationship between sanitation and health status
  • To encourage student/pupils to manage water and sanitation facilities
  • To help students /pupils improve hygiene behavior
  • To enhance pupils/ students capacity to manage diarrheal diseases

Among the practical skills the community members are equipped is (create links for each)

  • Soap making
  • Disease route identification
  • Food handling
  • Hand washing/hygiene
  • Menstrual health management

Where To Find Us

We are located at Mtito Andei in Makueni County, Kenya.

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