Promotion of improved livestock breeds.

The marginalized semi arid areas of south East Kenya are home to hundreds of thousands of small scale farmers who attempt to keep livestock and grow typical food crops for sustenance.

However, livestock diseases, drought and a degraded pasture land has to a large effect hindered their progress, often wiping a large percentage of the livestock during the drought periods.

This has only exacerbated the already high levels of poverty and malnutrition among locals.

What we are doing about it.

We are increasing the impact of increased water availability, environmental and soil conservation by encouraging the beneficiary communities to further adopt improved livestock breeds as a way of improving food security and enhancing livelihoods.

As an organization, we help the community members start and sustain a working dairy goat enterprise that is both sustainable and profitable.

How we do it.
1. Upgrading their stocks.

We directly support our partner self help groups to acquire bucks of the multipurpose Galla goat which they use to upgrade and improve their local(mostly small east African goat) stocks.

2.Animal husbandry and management support.

Africa Sand Dam Foundation is keen on ensuring the successful establishment of the galla goat project. As a means to achieving this, we have placed trained field officers on the ground to support the farmers with any husbandry or veterinary need as well as train them to master the art and science of raising the animals.

We have also established partnerships with relevant collaborators like the ministry of Agriculture and livestock services and private veterinary practitioners to ensure successful implementation.

3. Establishment of pasture plots.

Keen to provide a lasting solution to pasture shortage in the frequently drought-stricken semi arid lands of South East Kenya, we are supporting farmers establish pasture plots as a reinforcement measure during the dry spells.

Who we are working with.

The numbers.

2.Addressing food and nutritional insecurity

The problem.

Agriculture is unquestionably the back bone of Kenya’s economy. Providing the key source of livelihood for more than 86 percent of its rural populace.

Conventional agriculture has however posed a great challenge in the country, more so in the semi-arid regions of SE Kenya.

With the rainfall patterns becoming increasingly erratic, farming now facing special challenges that the local communities must address in order to survive the onslaught of climate change.

What we are doing about it.

  • Promoting irrigated agriculture.

With each of our sand dams holding between 3-1 million gallons of water at any given time, and distance travelled to fetch water drastically reduced, more community members have been empowered to engage in irrigated agriculture during the dry seasons as a way of enhancing their livelihood.

We are further giving the farmers handy support to ensure their agribusiness enterprises are profitable and sustainable by taking the farmers through a number of trainings that promote smart farming techniques as a way of building resilience to impacts of climate change.

  • Building smart farming knowledge base through training and experiential visit.

Africa Sand Dam promotes smart farming techniques as a way of building resilience to impacts of drought through a series of trainings, farmer to farmer experiential visits and farming ToTs which capture the essence of crop diversification, enhanced farming methods for effective water utilization and agro forestry.

  • Fruit tree establishment.

We are at the forefront of supporting the establishment of drought tolerant fruit trees as a way of utilizing the available water resources (as a result of sand dam construction) to boost livelihood.

Some of the fruit trees promoted include Mangoes and Paw paws.

  • Training on table banking and other financial management matters.

One of the greatest hindrances to development is a lack of access to reliable and affordable financial resources.

In response to this need, and in consideration to the fact that about 78 PERCENT of our beneficiaries are women _who generally lack collateral to facilitate them in accessing conventional loan facilities, Africa Sand Dam Foundation has been widely involved in the building the capacity of the local communities in issues of financial management, Savings and internal lending systems.


Promotion of Dairy cow and goat husbandry


Restocking their stock.


The numbers.


Current Status

2030 target

Galla Goats issued &nbsp &nbsp
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Promoting irrigated agriculture.

The Numbers


Current Status

2030 target

Demo plots established &nbsp &nbsp
Agro-preneurship T.O.T    
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Establishment of pasture plots.

The Numbers


Current Status

2030 target

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