The problem

Climate change is probably the single most important threat to development globaly. With some of its effects including more severe and prolonged droughts, country’s whose economic mainstay is rain fed agriculture remain the greatest victims of the phenomena.

This is especially so in Kenya, where more than 30 percent of its estimated 52.7 Million population lives in the already water stressed arid and semi arid lands which often suffer from scourging droughts, perennial food shortages, acute malnutrition and severe poverty which averages at 52 percent in SE Kenya.

What we are doing about it.

Africa Sand Dam Foundation has since its foundation worked to equip the vulnerable communities of SE Kenya with the capacity to build resilience and adaptation to the crippling effects of climate change by two fronts. Addressing the knowledge gap, and providing necessary material support.

How we do it.

Involving the communities in construction of Sand Dams.

Sand dam structures have been proved to be highly effective in building resilience against climate change through its ability to recharge the natural water systems, promote rehabilitation of the ecosystem, protect the river bends from erosion and provide sufficient water to man, livestock and wild animals.

ASDF has however been keen on involving the communities in the siting, construction and post implementation management of the same structures as a way of building their own capacity and knowledge in being a part of the solution to climate change.

By training and involving the local communities in the construction of the Sand Dams, the communities become more aware of the environmental challenges around them, but are also challenged to be part of finding a solution, by being part of the construction process.

Training communities on DRR.

In response to the enormous risk the SE region faces in regard to drought,flash floods and disease (human and animal) outbreaks, Africa Sand Dam Foundation carrys out continuous campaign to inform and educate both the community members and the local,county and national government leaders on the need to put in place, and keenly implement a DRR strategic plan.

During our trainings, we facilitate the local communities to identify, understand and map out the disaster prone regions in their community, and commit to address the risks through a comprehensive Community Action Plan.

This is not only expected to reduce the extent and severity of the loss that goes in tandem with the identified risks, but also help prevent the occurrence of the furthest extent possible.

Promotion of drought tolerant crops

We promote growing of drought tolerant crops as a coping strategy to frequent droughts and low rainfall in the region and also as a climate change resilience measure.

As our support to the community, we supply the communities we work with with certified,treated seed for drought tolerant food crop varieties including green rams,cow peas,dholicos lablab among many others.

We also have field officers on the ground who work with the farmers on day-to-day basis, providing them with agronomic assistance.

We also provide support in crop diseases prevention and control measures through supplying the self help groups with necessary, environmentally friendly agro chemicals for crop production and preservation purposes.

Seed bulking and banking strategy

Long periods of drought have become more of a norm in the wider sub-Saharan Africa. With the worsening effects of climate change, these spells are predicted to soon become longer and more intense as the rain become more unpredictable, and the water more scares.

Since 2008, Africa Sand Dam Foundation has been working with these vulnerable communities to reduce their vulnerability to drought through the establishment of seed bulking and banking strategy within the structures of the self-help group which ensures that resource –strained small scale farmers who may not afford to purchase certified seeds with every season have quality seed to plant even after a series of failed rain seasons.


Involving the communities in construction of Sand Dams.


Training communities on DRR.

Concrete water tanks for schools

Promotion of drought tolerant crops



Seed bulking and banking strategy



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