The seed bulking and banking aims to promote food and nutrition security .By bulking and preserving seed of a number of drought tolerant crop species, the farmers are assured of an adequate supply of planting materials even after prolonged periods of drought.

Shallow wells are obstruction structures which are constructed next to the sand dams to hold the naturally- sieved and distilled water from the sand dam, which is eventually drawn out through the hand pump attached to the shallow well.

This project involve harvesting rain water from rock outcrops, channeling the water by gravity, into strategically located, water tanks and then distributing the same through a central water point, commonly known as a water kiosk.

Over and above including topics on menstrual health and management in the hygiene and sanitation trainings, we are have gone ahead and designed a comprehensive menstrual health management project, complete with training of MhM champions and equipping the communities with skills on production of reusable menstrual materials.


We are currently implementing an array of projects that work towards repairing and conserving the soil as a way of promoting food and nutritional security as well as combating the effects of climate change.

There are instances where the river across which the dam is built is so large that the quantities of water harvested are well viable for distribution.

In such instances the dams are further (to shallow well) designed with a sump and solar a distribution system which pumps the water from the dam to a more central place in the society.

This project is implemented in both schools and communities through the self help groups we partner with.

The project seeks to foster good hygiene in the our area of implementation,

This project is implemented in collaboration with an organized and registered sef help group, which in most but not all cases, will have previously partnered with us in the sand dams project.

Like in the sand dams project, the community members need to pre-commit to provide their share of in-kind contribution to the project;

Sand dam projects are our main intervention in soil and water conservation work.

The technology, which involves erecting structural walls across seasonal rivers for water harvesting has proved to be an outstanding local innovation which not only provides adequate water for domestic and livestock use

As a way of sharing our knowledge and experience in sand dam technology, we are continually partnering with Excellent Development link) to train, equip and mentor numerous organizations across the country and beyond.

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