Half a billion people live in water stressed or water scares countries, by 2025 the number will grow to three billion.
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Since our formation in 2010, We Provide sustainable solutions to water scarcity in arid and semi-arid regions by implementing water and soil conservation innovations that not only provide adequate, safe and accessible water, but also conserve the environment, promote climate change resilience and boost house-hold food and nutritional security.


Our interventions have ensured women and girls spend less than 1hr in search for water, down from 8hrs average the community used before our interventions.This has freed more than 210 hrs per person, per month; which the community members can employ in other meaningful social-economic tasks.

Our sand dam interventions hold between 1-3 million gallons of water at any given time, through out the year.This water has enabled community members to practice small hold irrigation,which empowers them economically, ensures food and nutrition security, and provides gainful employment to masses of young people.

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We are determined to ensure steady improvement of the food and nutritional security in the communities we work with.


We are also keen on supporting the next generation of LEADERS achieve their goals.By implementing water and sanitation projects in our primary and secondary schools, our children are now free to concentrate on the most two important duties in their present life.

Soil conservation is a key pillar in our interventions.So we make it a daily commitment to promote innovations that are friendly to our environment, we advocate conservation agriculture, promote farm terracing and plant thousands of trees every rain season.

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"We are also keen ensuring sustainability of our interventions. So we allow our beneficiary communities lead the implementation process." "
Cornelius Kyalo_ CEO


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We are located at Mtito Andei in Makueni County, Kenya.

P.O. BOX 125-90128,Mtito Andei,

Tel:+254798623130,+254723465902, +254722453416


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