Half a billion people live in water stressed or water scares countries, by 2025 the number will grow to three billion.
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We Provide innovative solutions to soil and water conservation challenges in the semi Arid Lands of SE Kenya.


Since our formation in 2010,we endeavor to close this gap by providing cheap, sustainable and ACCESSIBLE and environmentally friendly solutions to the South Eastern Region of Kenya). Our Sand Dam model has been upscaled to Atleast 4 other countries in Africa as we continue to provide knowledge and leadership in the sector.

Through our sand dam projects, local communities get a reliable source of water for irrigation, livestock keeping as well as tree growing.

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We are determined to ensure steady improvement of the food and nutritional security in the communities we work with.


We are determined to reduce time spent looking for water from hours to a few minutes

By providing water sources through out the year, Sand dams provide a reliable source of water even during the driest seasons of the year, when women in ASAL Kenya report spending an average of 8Hrs searching for water.

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We are driven to addressing the effects of climate change on the lives of arid and semi land communities beyond just providing them with reliable sources of water.

"We are also keen ensuring sustainability of our interventions. We invest heavily on the upcoming generation of decision makers."
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Where To Find Us

We are located at Mtito Andei in Makueni County, Kenya.

P.O. box 125-90128,Mtitu Andei,

Tel:0723465902, 0722453416